International Gospel Outreach
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Light and Life Missions the ministry of Cheyenne and Arellys Bodie along with their children have been serving in Nicaragua
since 1999. Light and Life Missions serves the Nicaraguan people as an extension of Iglesia Luz y Vida, Light and Life
Church, Corinto, Nicaragua.   

Cheyenne and Arellys were Licensed and Ordained through the International Global Fellowship an extension of their
overseeing missions organization, International Gospel Outreach, IGO for short in 2003.

Cheyenne and Arellys and their family spend 4 to 5 months of the year in Nicaragua. When not in Nicaragua,  Cheyenne and
Arellys also serve as the Directors of Missionary Training for IGO through the Institute for World Ministry located in Mobile,

Honor House is the humanitarian arm of Light and Life Missions and is currently involved in feeding centers, clothes
distribution, medical outreach, and many others.  Honor House also operates as a rescue ministry for women through Honor
House Sewing Project where women form Iglesia Luz y Vida are learning how to sew and to quilt.  Eventually, women involved
in human trafficking will be a part of this program offering an opportunity for hope and restored honor. Light and Life Missions
is also working with men through Honor House Farm, a program for men.
Evangelize to Save, Save to Disciple, Disciple to Evangelize
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